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Labor & Delivery

Welcome, and congratulations on the arrival of your new little miracle! We know that preparing for delivery day is one of the most important things you can do on this journey. To assist you we’ve developed this informational webpage to help you plan ahead and know what to expect when the big moment arrives.

Take A Tour

You’re welcome to tour our beautiful new facility and familiarize yourself with our nursing team and caregivers at any time. No appointments are needed; all you have to do is come by the Center for Women & Infants and request a tour, or call us at (432) 640-6000 for details and information.

We also recommend that you pick up a Prenatal Packet from our staff members during your tour. You can also request a Prenatal Packet during one of your check-ups at your physician’s office. This helpful packet contains all of the information you’ll need to prepare for your delivery, and is a great resource for planning your admission to the Center for Women & Infants.



We highly recommend that every new patient pre-register with the Center for Women & Infants before delivery day. Pre-registering ahead of time not only prepares our staff for your arrival, it will help you plan ahead for the big day and can even give you peace of mind in knowing that this important part of your admission is already taken care of.

CLICK HERE if you would like to pre-register now.


Upon Your Arrival - Admissions

The Center for Women & Infants’ exclusive entrance is located on the east side of Medical Center Hospital. You can enter the facility using the circular drive, which leads up to the front doors at our main entrance, or park at the lot located directly in front of the center and walk in from there.

Once you enter the lobby, locate the elevators and proceed to Labor and Delivery, located on the 4th Floor. Our staff members will greet you on the 4th Floor and the admitting process will begin. Any admission for consent forms not provided during pre-registration will be completed at this time. This is also the time to provide special instructions, ask questions and discuss pain management options with your caregivers.


Emergency Admissions

If you are experiencing unusual bleeding, unusual pain or if your physician has ordered you to come to the emergency room for any reason – do not come to the Center for Women & Infants – go directly to the Emergency Room at Medical Center Hospital.


The Delivery Experience

MCH has developed an extensive medical library that you can use to research the entire delivery experience. To access this helpful information, or to find out more about pregnancy and what to expect during labor and delivery, Click Here.


Mother-Baby Couplet Care

Within two hours after birth, the healthy Mother and Baby are transferred together to a postpartum room down the hall from the L&D rooms. Mother and baby continue to receive care from one of the couplet care nurses who are trained in the care of both mothers and babies.

We believe families belong together for support and assistance. With "Mother-Baby Couplet Care" we can ensure better communication between the nurse, physician, and family. We are here for one purpose – to help you and your new baby adjust and prepare for the weeks and months ahead. Your baby will stay in your room with you so you can learn to recognize your baby's subtle cues that say, "I'm hungry; I'm wet; I need attention”. A support person of your choice is encouraged to remain with you throughout your stay. Remember, the nursing staff is here to assist you with your care and your baby's care. Physicians make rounds and examine babies at the mother's bedside so you can learn about your baby and ask questions.

There are no hospital imposed visiting hours in the couplet care unit. However, we do encourage limiting visitors to two or three at any given time.

Visiting Guidelines During Labor

You may find your labor less stressful with the comfort and encouragement of friends and family. However, we may request that your visitors wait in the waiting area depending on your stage of labor and comfort level.

When Your Miracle Arrives

The moments after childbirth are truly special and wonderful. It’s an important time for mother, father, and baby to recover and begin bonding together. The first hour after childbirth is also an ideal time to begin nursing if you plan on breastfeeding your baby.


The First Days with Your Miracle


The first days after your delivery will be spent in one of our private Mother-Baby rooms. You may choose to keep your baby with you the entire time, or you may allow your baby to stay in our nursery if you feel like you need some time to rest. The choice is yours.

While we do not impose visiting hours in the Mother-Baby rooms, we do encourage limiting visitors to two or three at any given time. Children may only visit with the approval from the charge nurse or designee.


Pain Relief Options

Every labor is unique, and every woman experiences discomfort in a different way. It’s important for you to be aware of all your pain management options before you go into labor and discuss these with your nurse and physician upon your admission to the Center for Women & Infants.


Tobacco Free Campus

For the protection of you and your new baby, the Center for Women & Infants is designated as a tobacco free campus. The use of tobacco products on MCH properties is prohibited.

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